• What does it cost?
Register User type Price Allowed Listings  
Estate Agent £ 99 10,000 12 Months
Property Landlord £ 29 5 12 Months
Buyer/Renter £ 5 1 12 Months
  • How do I post a Property in For Sale or For Rent?

Got an account and ready to post? It couldn’t be easier.

Click the ‘Publish Listing’ button, top right, and let the ad template guide you through. Choose your category and subcategory carefully, and be specific – it will help you get more views when people search. Pick your location, describe your property, post your photos and you’re ready to publish.

Once you’ve created your listing, you can track it and the responses it gets in My Account. Make a note of your ad id (it starts with HID). It will help us find your listing right away if you ever need to contact us.

Even when your listing is live, you’re still in control. You can edit everything except category, location and features you’ve added. So make sure you’re happy with these before you publish.

Ready to post? Good luck.

  • Do you work in property?

If you advertise private homes, flats or commercial property, email contact@houseni.co.uk to enquiry about the advertising packages we’ve designed for you.